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Hunting Pacific Eiders on Adak Island

Adak Island Alaska has the second Most X-Treme Duck Hunting locations that we hunt each year. Adak Island is located 1200 miles South West of Anchorage Alaska near the end of the Aleutian Islands in the Bering Sea. We have chosen Adak Island to hunt Pacific eiders due to its large population of many different species of Sea Ducks. Adak Island is truly one of the few places left on earth where Pacific Eiders are taken regulary by sport hunters over Eider decoys. Adak Island offers a diverse abundance of many different species including, Pacific Eiders, Harlequin, Old Squaws, White wing and Common Scoters, Common Goldeneyes, Bufflehead along with Aleutian Teal, Eurasian Wigeon and Rock Ptarmigan.




Adaks Pacific Eider Sea Duck Hunting

All Eider hunters stay in a modern duplex lodge with all the contemporary ammenities including interent phone and all the hot water you can use. We include all meals,lodging and fully guided Pacific Eider hunting along with transportation from Adak airport. Hunters will soart from Anchorage to Adak Island round trip on Alaska or Pennisula Airways. Most hunters will arrive in Anchorage the day before and can stay at the Lakeshore Motor Inn.

Visit our new Alaskan King Eider Outfitters & Guides web site as it is all about the Eider hunts.

Adak Island Eider Hunting

4 hunters per week will be hunting with 2 guides to provide the highest quality of Sea Duck Hunting. Our Pacific hunts run Seven days with Six days of guidedPacific Eider hunting. we start hunting the first week of November and the first week of December this is prime time before the weather gets bad on Adak Island. Three meals daily are included along with private lodging and outfitted hunting with top guides. Custom decoys are along with specialized boats, the temperature in Adak is between 25 - 45 degrees you wont need snow camo. During the 2011 November season our hunters averaged 2.9 mature Pacifics. Every hunter limited out on Harlequin and Aleutian Teal with 80% harvesting trophy Eurasian Wigeon. Please Beware weather conditions can be extremely harsh.