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Aleutian Island Waterfowlers

Island X is located in the Bering Sea 700 miles from Anchorage and is truly one of the wildest place to go duck hunting on earth. It is here where the last great bastion's of huntable King Eiders abound, Island X is one of the few places left in the world where the Trophy King Eider is taken by sport hunters on a regular basis over decoys due to its unique location and fertile marine ecosystem and shallow water. Island X is the place to go to harvest mature King Eiders, Harlequin, and old Squaw but this hunt is mainly for the Trophy King Eider enthusiast.

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LZ Decoys present the ultimate look and feel for the hard-core hunter. Made from only the finest of materials on the market, these decoys not only have the looks but the ability to bring in even the most weariest of waterfowl. Made from high density urethane these decoys are designed to withstand mother natures harshest conditions. Each decoy is hand molded, assembled, and painted by Michael him self. There is no mass producing these decoys. Quality comes first when making these floating sculptures. Each decoy sports a high end paint job glass eyes and wooden keel. 

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David Denies Wingshooting

Argentina and Uruguay offer a buffet of duck species and some of the most beautiful ducks in all the world. There are several types of teal, including a slightly larger version of the cinnamon teal. Also, two types of pintails: the white cheeked or Bahama pintail that many find to be the most attractive of all the ducks and the Yellow Billed Pintail. Then, you will also find Wigeons, Whistling ducks, Shovellers, and the Rosy-Billed Pochard—a big, dark duck that flies like a mallard and decoys like a canvasback. A typical duck hunting trip will include as few as five or as many as thirteen duck species.

When you come duck hunting to one of our lodges, you will have the chance to hunt in different scenarios: from big ponds (you will use a boat to get to your blind or you will walk easily to small pot holes) to narrow channels which drain water out of big lagoons, making ducks run in a kind of flyway.

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Sinalo Pato Duck & Dove Club Los Mochis, MEXICO



We have been established for 24 years, guidlng outfitting duck and dove hunters who want to bag the 17 species of Pacific Flyway ducks and abundant flocks of white wing, morning dove, and rock pigeon that thrive on the intensive Sinaloa farming land.

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Banded Hunst Washington was created to give the average hunter an experience they will never forget. BHW is supported by the banded nation. With the wealth of knowledge and experience this group brings to the table you wont be dissapointed. 

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Peru Wingshooting – Collectors Hunts

We are pleased to offer  Wingshooting Adventures in this unique South American Country.

Program #1 - A unique waterfowl "Collectors Hunt" high in the Andeas Mountains for Andean geese, Crested duck, Ruddy & Torrent ducks, plus Puna & Speckled Teal.

Program #2 - Located just inside the SW Pacific Coast beaches is the worlds largest concentration of Cinnamon Teal. In addition White-cheeked & Yellow-billed Pintail are available. A combo hunt of Programs 1 & 2 is a natural.

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Goose and Duck Smackers Guide Service

We take an enormous amount of pride in providing you with a guided waterfowl hunt that we know is the best offered today.  We have compiled many years of experience in guiding snow geese, canada geese and ducks.  We go afield with two goals in mind everytime, to create long lasting memories and put the "SMACK DOWN" on snow geese, canada geese or ducks.  Come join Goose and Duck Smackers on your next guided waterfowl hunt...

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Ocean State Outfitters

Sea Duck hunting at it's best!
Join Ocean State Outfitters for a world class sea duck hunting adventure you will never forget.

Captain Jeremiah Brooks 401-824-6440

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Swan Hunting

Join us in a North Carolina Adventure of Trophy Swan Hunting. Let us take you on the hunt of a lifetime. Swan hunting is the premier of all waterfowl hunting. Come Swan Hunting, for the largest of the migrating water fowl. Trophy Swans are large birds with wing spans up to 8 feet and body weights in the 20 + pound range. North Carolina is the wintering grounds for thousands of Swan. Join us while Swan hunting in large fields, flooded impoundments, and open water.

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Maine Seaduck Guide Service

Maine Seaduck Guide Service is your best stop for a Maine sea duck guide.  A guided Maine sea duck hunt is the hunt of a lifetime for many hunters.  Sea duck hunters' main attraction, in Maine, are eider duck.  Scoter ducks and Longtailed duck (old squaw) are also hunted on guided Maine sea duck hunts.  Make sure to check our special birds photos page for pictures of rarely occurring birds taken including King eider, Borealis eider, Banded Dresseri eider and Zebra scoter. 

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