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Waterfowl Aviary at Flyway Taxidermy

As a waterfowl, upland game and bird taxidermist Jerry knows how important it is to have access to live birds, not only for continuing to learn more about waterfowl, upland game bird's and their anatomy, but their behavior as well.  Jerry truly believes that his membership with the Game Breeders Club and his ability to spend hours watching and observing the waterfowl in their aviaries has contributed a great deal to his knowledge and accuaracy in the mounting of waterfowl and upland game birds.  The Waterfowl Aviary is nearing completion, and has had a number of species of ducks in it already last fall.  The waterfowl aviary is located 10 feet from Jerry's taxidermy work counter where he can study the birds out of the 2 seven foot Windows in front of his work arae.  Some of the most significant things that Jerry has learned while observing live birds are how they dive, swim, balance, stand, feed and rest.  Jerry has been able to get up close and personal to see some of the finest details of the birds including where their feather groups lay in an array of positions as well as the finest details in their eyes and eye lids.   



Aviary In Process

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